In 2014 we asked families what they needed in order to feel supported within their community. Time and time again, the overwhelming response was, an opportunity to get together with the whole family, meeting other families learning and sharing from each other – a place and space for all of us to “be ourselves”, no judgment, no shame.

It was also made abundantly clear that the focus of these evenings were not meant to be a place of learning or rigid structure, rather a time and place where the evenings just flow. Where we can capture the diversity of each family and build on their unique strengths.

In April of 2014, we had our first social at the Our Kids Network Hub in Acton. It was an immediate success. With 34 people elbow to elbow, we enjoyed dinner together, we provided resources for families to browse through and we enjoyed an ice-breaker activity that opened up conversation and was the catalyst for new friendships.

In order to ensure these socials are accessible for families, each month we move from one region of Halton to the other. Thanks to our community partners and newly emerging community champions we are able to introduce families to new locations, with the hope that families feel embraced and connected.

These socials are unique in that they have been created and facilitated by a wonderfully passionate group of families from our Family Advisory Committee – which include parents/caregivers and youth. From start to finish the voices of Halton families is woven throughout the evening, being careful to never loose sight of the original intent.

We are so fortunate to have many expected and unexpected rewards as a result of providing a safe space and place for families.

We welcome you to join us for an evening. You will find that the richness of these evenings runs deep.

Check out our calendar of events for our upcoming socials.
Here’s a sneak peek at where we are in 2017!
January in Burlington – Nelson Youth Centre Monday, January 16th
February in Oakville – Oak Park Centre Friday, February 24th
March in Acton – ROXY Wednesday, March 22nd
April in Burlington – Nelson Youth Centre Friday, April 21st
May in Milton – Bruce Trail PS Thursday, May 18th
June in Georgetown – Salvation Army Church Tuesday, June 13th (To be confirmed)
July in Burlington – Nelson Youth Centre Wednesday, July 19th
August in Oakville – Oak Park Centre Tuesday, August 22nd
September in Acton – ROXY Tuesday, September 19th
October in Milton – Bruce Trail PS Thursday, October 19th
November in Burlington – Nelson Youth Centre Friday, November 24th

We’re all in this together! Let’s get together.


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