Family Night Social at Sam Sherratt PS Milton
Family Night Social October 2014 – Sam Sherratt PS – Milton

What is Family Engagement?

Family Engagement – The term engagement is a more active partnership between families and service providers. For service providers, this means listening to what families think, engaging them in two-way communication and involving them as essential allies in decision making so that their involvement is meaningful and has a purpose. Effective family engagement requires the service provider to develop a relationship-building process focused on listening.
The goal of the Family Engagement Initiative is to create a place for families who have been impacted by a child or youth’s mental health challenges and come together to engage in supportive and meaningful discussions, creating a growing and caring network of families. A place where sharing experiences can have a positive impact on the child and youth mental health services offered in Halton.

Family experience and expertise are a vital component of improving services in the mental health sector. With your help, we can ensure that children, youth and families in Halton continue to receive high quality mental health services and support that are accessible, timely, meaningful and family-centered. By growing a network of relationships, we can help families feel supported in their communities.

Being a part of the Family Advisory Committee reminds me that I am not alone and that I am working at something that is bigger than just our family.

Family Advisory Committee Member – 2014

The Family Advisory Committee is a great place to start making a difference!

  • Comprised of family members of all ages and stages
  • Two-way communication with steering committee
  • Two-way communication with working and subcommittees
  • Develop community relationships
  • Ensure family-driven planning of activities
  • Contribute to direction of the steering committee in ensuring grant objectives are met in meaningful ways to family
  • Contribute to strategic planning
  • Provide recommendations/input for change in mental health services
  • Be a foundational group in the future development of agency specific Family Advisory Committees
  • Attend regular meetings – once a month

If you’d like to be a part of the Family Advisory Committee simply fill out the volunteer form indicating “Family Advisory Committee”

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